an imageWelcome to the Frisco Stake Trek 2014 Photo Gallery. Photos will be posted to the Gallery each night of Trek so you can watch the activities unfold as soon as possible each day. Feel free to download photos from the site for your personal and family use. Here are few tips while navigating the Gallery:

* Select a photo or folder by clicking it's thumbnail in the Gallery.

* clicking on information at the bottom of the screen will give you a look at the photos EXIF data and provide links for down loading or book marking an individual photo. 

* Once a photo is open you may scroll through the gallery by using the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom of the screen.

* Gallery navigation can be accomplished by clicking on the bread crumb trail just above the gallery button bar.

  • Finally! All of the Photos from the Frisco Stake Trek 2014 edition have been uploaded. We hope you enjoy the photos. Thank you for your patience....
  •                                                                     The Photography Team.

**Note: The site scripts have been created to be self tuning so that more effort can be put into processing and uploading files. Because of this, the more traffic the site experiences the quicker photos will be able to be viewed. By using real time processing on the site those that access the files first are essentially helping to process photos for later viewing, Thank You for your help in advance....